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Nevada County with its majestic beauty and laid-back lifestyle has long been an enclave for artists of all kinds and between Truckee, Nevada City & Grass Valley, never has this been more true than it is today. This page will showcase many of the talented artists that call Nevada County their home.

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Todd Andrews' career spans over thirty years. Internationally renown, his magnificent sculptures have become landmarks in many cities and corporate headquarters throughout the United States. Todd has gained national and international recognition as a leader in the creation of Heroic Art. His work is displayed in public and private collections throughout the world. In 1987, he received international acclaim through the prestigious "Gold Key" award, presented to the Holiday Inn in Buellton, California, which showcases his monumental piece, "El Rejoneo".
Susan Barry's love for art and sharing that love started as a very young child when she would round up the neighborhood kids for arts and crafts. Today her love of Mother Nature takes her on many road trips on which to broaden her artistic horizons. One of her favorite places is Yosemite which has been the subject of several of her watercolor paintings. She also enjoys the coast, but will usually see a watercolor painting in almost anything Mother Nature has to offer including in her own backyard. A native Californian, Susan has been a resident of Nevada City, California for nearly 30 years. While in college, she majored in art, of course.
Loana Beeson has been painting scenes of Nevada County, California for 42 years. She creates ink sketches, large paintings in mostly watercolor and has also done some collage and mixed media. Most of the time she loves to paint on-site and uses her camera to take photos to work from back at the studio. She love rural scenes as well as town vistas especially in both Grass Valley and Nevada City. Schools, churches and most of the local historical sites have not escaped her pen and ink.
Ivy Photography is a family studio, combining the talents of mother and daughter, Louise Ivy and Alicia Berardi. Their business is based on three basic principles: integrity, inspiration, and fun. From the moment you walk through the doors, until the moment you leave with your portraits, you will feel cared for and have a sense of assurance that you chose the right studio. Their desire is to create a portrait for you that will express your character and personality and lift your spirits every time you view it.
Ruth Chase: "In 1986 I was accepted to the San Francisco Art Institute as a painting student, with no prior painting experience. Somehow I managed to get through four years of education and graduated with a degree in fine art in 1990. What I learned in my years at SFAI was that my life is my art and painting is a small expression of that puzzle. All of my creating is in my living: people, experiences, my thoughts, place and events in my life. When I paint I am making an object that represents these experiences. My work is unpremeditated. I do not pre-sketch, plan or stay with a visual aide. The piece may take on many transformations until I achieve the image that feels right. I see my finished pieces as a shell that encases my spirit caught in the moment of my life at the time it was created."
Sacred Stone is the product of a mother and son team of artists, Deborah and Casey Bridges. These designs have been inspired by deities of the East, ancient sculptures from temple carvings. While the inspiration has come from antiquity, each design is an original sculpture created by Deborah or Casey. We hope that this imagery of stillness and peace helps you to create your own place of quietude. The sculptures are made from cast stone and light weight aggregates. They look old when you get them and just get more beautiful as they age. Some of the ingredients in the castings will age quickly and add character to the sculpture over the first few years. Moss growth can be encouraged on the sculpture if it is a moist shady spot of the garden.
Catherine Busch-Johnston approaches her work as a way to collaborate creatively with others. She is able to put people at ease with her low key assuredness and professionalism, giving the client the opportunity to actively participate in the creative process. Catherine has produced, directed, written and edited productions for over 25 years. Her work includes independent documentary productions, environmental programming, educational video programs, public relations videos, medical videos, recruitment videos, vocational video programs, and projects for non-profit corporations.
The photography services of Turtle Vision, specialize in flash free performance photography of music, dance, music festivals, and community events. We host photo galleries on our website for the enjoyment of all. These galleries are rich in visual content and a valuable resource for graphic designers, event promoters and musicians. The over 6900 images are also utilized frequently by newspaper and book publishers. Martin Butler, Linda Lamb and our team of supporters are also available for technical and promotional support to an ever expanding community of people that are living lives of creative expression.
The fastest growing section of Turtle Vision Photo is the Music Galleries which is growing in conjunction with Turtle Vision Music's preparations to sell hometown music from around the world.
Russell Chamberlin studied with master stone carvers in Pietra Santa, Italy. Learning their traditional methods inspires him to capture the details of the human figure. A fine arts graduate, Russell traveled extensively through Europe, Asia, as well as the Sierras and Rockies of North America before settling in Nevada City, CA. Here he has built a studio where he also teaches. Russell continues sculpting with marble and bronze in a classic, traditional style often evoking a playful spirit. Commissioned work is welcomed and encouraged.
Over the years, Jeff Tritel has challenged himself with most mediums. He has sculpted in wax as a first step to the lost-wax method of bronze casting and he has fabricated monumental mixed media pieces incorporating the contrasts of furs and fiberglass, bronze screening and pearlescent lacquers. His work mainly reflects a figurative medium and he often draws from fantasy, mythology and psychology for his subject matter. "Often I start with an intellectual premise. Then by incorporating personal sculptural symbolism, I will reach the essence of the subject." Tritel adds, "Rather than sculpting the musician, I sculpt the music. Instead of the unicorn, I sculpt the magic."
With no formal training to tell about, Jerianne Van Dijk started the long road as a graphic artist in a button factory. After years with ad agencies, newspapers, and freelance work for several printing establishments, she realized the real joy in art was to create pictures, be it fine art, whimsical, or illustration. Her favorite mediums include watercolor, gouache, ink, pastels, and some oil.
John Pugh: "I am a trompe l'oeil artist focusing primarily on mural painting. I have found that the "language" of life-size illusions allow me to communicate with a very large audience. It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked. Once captivated by the illusion, the viewer is lured to cross an artistic threshold and thus seduced into exploring the concept of the piece. I have also found that by creating architectural illusion that integrates with the existing environment both optically and aesthetically, the art transcends the "separateness" that public art sometimes produces."
Garrett Keisling: "Thru the process of flameworking glass I aim to create high quality glass artwork with a concentration on precise shape, color scheme and form. Utilizing my scientific glassblowing background, I look to bridge the gap between traditional glass techniques and science by combining processes and resources to think outside the box and present unique glasswork to the public. I take great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of everything I make and hope that this is reflected within my body of work."